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NexTable is a next generation, cloud based, reservation and table management system for the iPad. Intuitive and easy to use, it encompasses every aspect of restaurant/hospitality management.

NexTable takes only minutes to learn. Let NexTable increase your revenues, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with our comprehensive real-time online reservation system incorporating intelligent table management, a unique texting platform and sophisticated CRM/Marketing Solutions.


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What some have said about NexTable. . .

  • “NexTable was developed by restaurateurs who understand exactly what we want when it comes to managing our high volume walk-ins.”

    Owner of the Cowfish
  • “NexTable is extremely user friendly. As a restaurant that does high volume with a lot of turnover, NexTable is the best fit for our operation.  We have used other products in the past that got the job done, but all of my host staff say that the NexTable software is the best tool they have worked with.”

    Kyle Lynch, General Manager of Carmeron Bar & Grill
  • “I choose NexTable because it offers the advantage of Cloud based technology and is designed by people who understand how restaurants work.  NexTable is genuinely interested in the performance of their system and is always searching for ways to enhance our guest experience.  Our management team and host staff enjoy working with NexTable because it is user friendly, easy to learn and fun.”

    Stephen Koster, Managing Partner - Cowfish
  • “NexTable has been the perfect solution for us not only for reservations but for our overall restaurant operations. It was super easy to learn and our hostesses have no problems managing the software and using it to quote more accurate wait times, get customers to tables faster and keep helpful notes.”

    Owner of Miro Spanish Grille
  • “I like NexTable because i can manage my reservations on more than one iPad.  I can put a link on our website and get reservations, and we do get reservations that way.  I can send people confirmations for their reservations without calling them.  Also it does everything OpenTable does but way cheaper and easier to use.”

    Nenad Gavric Gerneral Manager - Cosmos Cafe
  • “We run our entire restaurant in the cloud – from the back office accounting through to our point of sale, which also runs on iPads.  So it just made sense to use a cloud based reservations system too.  However many of them want to charge a fee for every booking, even if the booking is made on the restaurants’s own website.  NexTable doesn’t charge for bookings made on our site, runs on iPads and stores everything in the cloud.  Its a perfect solution for us.”

    Jason Tait Owner - Sailors Thai (Sydney, Australia)
  • “Nextable has helped with the control of all of our bookings.  We have real time updating of table availability, no matter where we are.  The database makes the tracking of guests and VIP guests very easy.  SMS booking confirmations are a great assistance.  The whole system is user friendly, and very easy to learn.”

    Fernando - Manager of Grange Steak and Grill (Australia)
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