Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does NexTable work with any tablet?

    No. We currently work exclusively with the Apple iPad and iPad Mini. In the future, we hope to expand to other devices.

    What’s the difference between NexTable and OpenTable?

    There are many differences. One major difference is that we don’t charge per reservation, so our restaurants cut their costs by about 80% on average. Another difference is that we use iPads rather then touchscreen computers. This way, you can use multiple devices and have the ability to manage your establishment anywhere that has wifi. Read about our many other differences on our features page.

    Can I switch from Opentable and keep my customer database?

    Yes, absolutely!  Before disconnecting Opentable, simply backup your database and we can import it for you.

    Is it hard to learn to use the system?

    Not at all! The NexTable system is very easy to learn.  With our straight-forward training videos, it takes only 15 minutes to learn all of the front-of-the-house features and another 5 minutes for back office managerial administrative features.

    How reliable is your system?  Say on a Friday night the wifi goes down?

    Even without WiFi, you will be able to update the status of tables, enter reservations, add parties to the wait list and so on. The only things you cannot do without WiFi are iPad syncing, sending SMS messages and receiving online reservations.  Lets say that on a busy Friday evening your WiFi goes down and you have reservations and/or people on the wait list.  With NexTable, you will always have the assurance of viewing both your reservation list and wait list on any 3G/4G device through our portal. Your information is always available.

  • How can I figure out which plan is right for me?

    Sign up now for a 30 day free trial and you can use all of the NexTable features to choose what plan you may need after the trial period.  We can also assist in helping you determine which plan suits your needs.

    Do you charge per reservation?

    No, we do not charge reservation fees.

    I own several restaurants; can I use NexTable and manage other restaurants with one iPad?

    Yes, if all your restaurants are signed up with NexTable, simply tap the settings icon and switch to the restaurant you want to view.

    Can I use the system and take reservations at home?

    Yes, you can use your iPad anywhere.  Just remember if you are using multiple iPads you will need WiFi for them to sync up with each other.  The sync should take approximately 10 seconds if WiFi is present.

    How do I get started?

    Its as simple as 1, 2, 3!

    1. First you will need an iPad and WiFi.
    2. Download NexTable from the Apple App store and either sign up for 30 days at Nextable.com or call us at 888.962.9998 Ext. 700.
    3. Watch NexTable tutorials and start using right away.