Our Story

It started with passion. A passion to build something that could solve the problems facing an Asian Fusion restaurant in Charlotte North Carolina. TC DeSilva, our head software architect, was having lunch there one day with Chi Zhang, who ran the restaurant with his brother-in-law, Phong Luong.

As they ate, they watched the hostess struggling with a marker and a laminated table chart at the front stand. The computer beside her was running outdated software that struggled to manage shifts and servers. She had to hand out pagers to incoming guests, erase names from the reservation book and answer the phone all at the same time. There had to be a better way…

One year and many sleepless nights later, we had indeed crafted a better way. The NexTable platform was up and running at our restaurant. Most guys would just say, “great” and move on but not the NexTable team. We grew to five people. Phong took the reins as CEO, spreading the word about the new platform and helping create relationships with restaurants. Robert Tyree was brought on board to help build the online web portal and to enable restaurants to use their own websites to take online reservations via a simple widget. Christy Harner was asked to join as brand manager and web designer.

NexTable was crafted by a team of passionate restaurateurs and software designers working to deliver solutions that enable restaurants and the hospitality industry to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase sales. Rather than spending the majority of our time and money on marketing, we focused our energy on making our platform as user friendly as possible.

It started with passion and a need for something better. It ended with a platform we are proud to share with you today.