Smart Table Management

  • Smart Table Management

    Easy to use drag and drop features. Update a table status with our one swipe gesture. Our proprietary system will even suggest exact table types (booth and patio) and when the next table is available for each party size. NexTable seamlessly rolls over the status of tables from one shift to another (ie. Lunch to Dinner).

  • Smart Wait List

    Our wait list accurately predicts wait times and suggests tables based on party size, table combinations for seating large parties, and server and section loads with the tap of a button.  With tools to track table dining performance,  NexTable will intelligently learn your table trends, thus improving your front and back of the house operations.

  • Custom CRM

    Every diner wants to feel like a VIP.  NexTable helps you accomplish this by providing direct access to your guests’ profiles across all of your restaurants. A profile can include personal food/wine preferences, food allergies, birthday, anniversary, special requests, notes, history of visits, and more.  Create memorable dining experiences and build loyalty for your restaurant. […]

  • Auto Shift Rollover

    Stop wasting your time moving data from shift to shift. Whether you’re a lunch and dinner restaurant or operate 24hrs a day, NexTable automatically rolls over each table’s status from one shift to the next.