You can manage your restaurant from anywhere!
Not just an app...your entire restaurant experience.
Seamlessly manage multi-unit restaurants
Manage your restaurant from a tablet or phone.

Why us ?

We help you run your restaurant the way you want!

Smoothly, Efficiently, in Control, Stress-free, Confidently, Happily, With Ease… Shall we go on?

Your restaurants' opportunity to
take control!

Table Management

Customizable floorplans and easy to use gestures to manage turn-over times.

Shift and Capacity Control

Auto-shift rollovers. Intuitively optimize your traffic and maintain satisfaction.

Reservations, Waitlists and Walk-ins

Manage the flow of your guests effortlessly and streamline productivity

Server and Section Management

Keep your staff harmonious by equitably assigning servers to tables.

Analytics and Reports

Analyze trends, track parties and wait times. Create targeted deals and marketing campaigns to maximize profitability during down times.

16 Countries around the World

138.4 Million Guests Seated

10.6 Million Online Guests


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